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November 29, 2021

New & Improved: Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

Ready for more insights to improve your Carrot site and rank better in search? We just released our new and improved SEO Keyword Rank Tracking tool, putting more data at your fingertips to help you understand how your site is performing — and how to improve it.

Now for each of the keywords you're tracking on each of your sites, you can see:

  • Position: The top-ranking position of your target for a keyword

  • Volume: The average monthly number of searches for the target keyword

  • CPC: The average price that advertisers are paying for a user’s click on an ad prompted by a given keyword in Google AdWords

  • Landing Page URL: The URL of the page on your site that ranks in organic search results for that keyword

Check out your keyword rankings →

November 10, 2020

VideoPost is New & Improved! Turn videos into SEO-ranking blog posts faster than ever.

Hello Carroteers!

We have some exciting news to share! We are proud to release an all-new version of VideoPost that will make it easier than ever to generate evergreen content, build your online authority, and enhance your SEO — in a matter of minutes.

This new, streamlined version now gives you the immediate option to make any Post a VideoPost. Just enter the YouTube URL for your video to submit it for transcription. VideoPost turns your video content into a written blog that gets added directly to your Post, helping you rank better for the key search terms you use in your video!

Highlights of this update:

  • Easier — and quicker! — access to VideoPost using a new Visual Editor block at the top of your post
  • Submit your video without publishing or refreshing your Posts
  • Titles will auto-populate from the submitted video
  • Transcription updates have been streamlined

Want more VideoPost strategies? Check out this article for tips!

We're working on even more enhancements to VideoPost and we'll be sure to keep you "Posted" when those get released. In the meantime, if you run into a snag, have a question or would like to provide feedback, please reach out to us via chat or email.

Your Friend at Carrot,


August 31, 2020

Carrot August Updates

Hello Carroteers!

We’re closing out August here at Carrot, and while everyone’s waiting for the temperatures to drop, we’re going to drop some fun updates for you here!

Integrations have a new home!

We made a small tweak to help make finding, enabling, and managing our CRM and Marketing Integrations easier! Now when you’re looking for Integrations, you’ll simply navigate to the “Integrations” section under “Forms.”

IDX Improvements

Over the past few weeks, we upgraded our IDX service and performed some additional development work to ensure that any future outages or issues our IDX provider experiences won’t impact the Carrot network. This translates to a more reliable IDX component on Agent sites. We will continue to add reliability and new IDX features to give you the best possible experience.

Other Tweaks & Fixes

  • Fresh mix of colors when creating new sites!
  • Fixed some Blogs showing errors while editing
  • Removed extra padding being shown above YouTube blocks

Coming soon…

  • The account creation portion of the new Onboarding flow is complete and now we are working on finishing the new site creation flow 🏃‍♀️
  • We’re making final strides on our new Membership Editor and are excited to release that in the coming weeks.  Get ready to control your account like never before! 🚀

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

July 28, 2020

Carrot July Updates

Hello Carroteers!

July was a big month here at Carrot — we have some exciting updates to share that will make creating and editing your pages even easier

The Visual Editor - Smoother Than Ever

Over the last many months we've put the new Visual Editor in all of your hands to make creating, editing, and adding content to your posts and pages simpler. Everyone now has the powerful drag-and-drop tools, pre-built block patterns, and real-time previews. Well we have more exciting news to share!

This month the team has been hard at work to uplevel our interface and offer a smoother and more efficient visual editing experience. Here’s how:

  • Block Patterns have a new home: Now when you add a Block, you can select a Block or Block Pattern from the same menu. You also have the ability to search for a block and can view a preview of the block before you add it to your page.
  • More Cover Block design possibilities: New cover block options including content alignment, video positioning, and padding unlock more design possibilities.
  • Smoother editing experience: A lot of additional fixes and features have been added to make an all-around smoother Visual Editor experience:
          • Improved scroll and ordering features for a better drag and drop experience
          • Easy in-line upload of external images
          • New image editing options (think: crop images on the fly!)
          • Modify many block attributes at once
          • New inline text formatting options
          • Plus an improved interface to make all of your editing easier and more enjoyable 😁

Noteworthy Updates:

  • The sidebar will default to hidden when creating new pages 🙌🏼
  • We’ve been working on the new account creation process for our new Onboarding flow we mentioned in our June update to get it ready for internal testing 🔬
  • The new Membership Editor UI is now functional, so now we’re working on a few back-end items to get it ready for prime time 🎉
  • Some of our oldest, most cherished sites are getting an uplift!  If you've been with Carrot for a while now you may get contacted by someone on our support team to discuss getting you empowered with all our latest site building tools. 💖

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

June 30, 2020

Carrot June Updates

Happy Summer, Carroteers!

Believe it or not, we're halfway through 2020! Here are some fun things we've accomplished here at Carrot so far this year, and some sneak peeks into exciting updates coming in the next few months.

Introducing Carrot Bud!

Meet our fresh mascot, Carrot Bud! Carrot Bud will be showing up more and more to help you get to know Carrot better. Keep an eye out for our new friend, who will be equipped with handy tips, tricks and fun company updates.

Summer 2020 Virtual Retreat

Last week the entire Carrot team came together (virtually, of course!) for a few days to reflect on the first part of the year. We celebrated our wins, found some areas for us to improve, and — most importantly — looked ahead at what our five year vision means to Carrot. We also had our bi-annual hackathon where the team came up with some new fun features that we'll bring to you soon.

Sneak Peek: New Features Coming Soon!

We have been working hard behind the scenes throughout the month of June on some major updates. While they aren't quite ready for prime time we're excited to give you a sneak peek into what's coming soon!

  • New Membership Editor: We're building a slick new portal for you to manage all the details of your account and membership, from questions about billing to selecting add-on services. This will make it easier for you to update your subscription and manage you account, without having to reach out to support.  This includes you, Annual members! 
  • New Onboarding and Site Creation flow: We're making improvements to our onboarding and site creation flow to make signing up and getting started with Carrot even easier. This will also help you as an existing member double-check your existing site setup and ensure that you've completed all the steps for building a high-performing site!

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed setup issue with REIPro API Keys
  • Fixed Aspen form behaviors so that text is not getting cut off in form fields

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

June 01, 2020

Carrot May Updates

Happy June, Carroteers!

We just wrapped up another busy month around here, so before you jump into summer, we wanted to round up all the awesome Carrot updates we made in May!

Visual Editor

By now, you’ve probably already read several updates and announcements about our Visual Editor tool. We’re excited to share that, as we closed out the month of May, the Visual Editor is now available to all Carrot members.

We also made the Visual Editor experience even better by adding it to location pages and rolling out our first set of Block Patterns. Block Patterns are pre-built content blocks that you can easily drag, drop, and edit to customize your page.

Our first set of Block Patterns includes:

  • Editorial
  • Three Steps
  • Image and Text with Button
  • Info and Form
  • Side by Side Testimonials
  • Two Buttons
  • Cards in Columns
  • And more to come!

Check them out by clicking the Block Patterns button while in the Visual Editor.

SSL Certificates have been added to all Carrot sites

We added SSL certificates to all remaining member sites that were not secured by HTTPS. HTTPS sites rank better in Google search and provide a better experience for your visitors, making your pages more credible and convert higher. The best part? Every site includes a free SSL cert! Normally this would cost you upwards of $50 per year.

Other updates and fixes

  • Lead notifications now all link to the Lead Manager
  • On-going Visual Editor fixes, including link colors showing up while editing, button blocks function & styling updates/fixes, and general stability
  • Property listing statuses now update across all pages

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

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