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July 06, 2021

Carrot Summer Update

Hello Carroteers,

Summer is officially here, and this update from the Carrot team is sure to turn up the heat...

The latest version of Wordpress is here

We've updated our Wordpress to the latest version (5.7.2 — if you're keeping track). While this upgrade doesn't unlock many new features, it includes several security improvements to keep your sites safe for you — and your site's visitors.

Google's Core Web Vitals Update is coming!

In case you haven't heard, Google is releasing their Core Web Vitals update throughout the summer. The Carrot team has been hard at work testing our templates and sites to ensure our network — and your site — is optimized for Google’s algorithm update.

We will be making some improvements to our backend code and network to improve page experience and site speed scores even further, including a re-evaluation of our code specifically with Core Web Vitals in mind, optimizations to certain plug-ins and script packages, and an enhanced ability for us to monitor site performance and speed data across our entire network. Get the full scoop here →

Carrot has an all new look!

Even the Carrot website needs some TLC at times, and over the past year we've been working behind the scenes to clean up our sitemap, rebuild our pages using our new Visual Editor, and updating the Carrot brand to better reflect our Core Values. Our designer extraordinaire explains the importance of being design-led and having a website that reflects your visual identity in this recent blog post →

Other Fixes & Updates:

  • We made several styling and alignment improvements to our Oak theme header (our #1 Agent site theme!)
  • We added a form description toggle for forms in the Hero block (pro tip: hiding the form description in the Hero creates a better mobile experience and can help increase conversion)
  • Several of our IDX components now have updated styling, including the map view, search bar, and filters

We are actively working on our plans for the upcoming quarter, so stay tuned for more awesome Carrot updates!

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

carrot update
April 15, 2021

Carrot Spring Update

Hello Carroteers!

Spring has officially sprung, and with that comes some fun new updates from the Carrot team that are sure to brighten your day — check them out!

Introducing our all-new Site Strategy Checklist

Our new Site Strategy Checklist for our Motivated Seller Sites provides an easy-to-follow guide for creating and managing a successful Carrot site and marketing strategy. If you have an active Motivated Seller Site, you can check it out here →

This is the first of many more new site checklists to come! Our team will be hard at work this year rolling out new Site Strategy Checklists specific to each of our Site Templates to make sure you have the best site — and strategy — to keep your business growing.

Say hello to a better Carrot IDX

We're excited to announce our new and improved Carrot IDX! This update brings the online home search experience retail buyers and sellers now expect directly to your Carrot site, featuring more Advanced Search options, mapped results, and an improved interactive map view. Read more about the update here →

... And better Carrot IDX pricing!

To celebrate our recent update to Carrot IDX, we also updated our pricing. IDX is now included in the $199/mo price for our Advanced Marketer plan! That's right, we removed the $50/mo Carrot IDX fee and the $200 set up fee for Advanced Marketers, so all you have to pay are the pass-through fees. Click here to add IDX to your site or head over here to upgrade to Advanced Marketer and take advantage of our new pricing!

Less hero content can increase conversions by 50%

We recently tested how the amount of content in the hero section impacts conversion across a myriad of Carrot site types, categories, layouts and environments – and the results were quite amazing. Read our latest blog to learn how reducing the amount of content in your hero could improve your site's conversion rate by 20-50%! Check it out here →

Other Fixes & Updates

  • Secondary logo support: Now you can display a primary and a secondary logo side-by-side on your Carrot site! Simply head over to the Design tab of your site, select an image to upload as your secondary logo, and it will be added to the right of your current logo.
  • VideoPost email notifications: We made some updates to keep you better informed when your VideoPost transcriptions are finished or if they need a push to get them back on track.
  • Bulk Lead Management is live: Select multiple or all leads at once and choose from a variety of bulk edit options, including merging leads or moving to New, Follow Up, Pending, Won, or Dead statuses.

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

carrot update
January 28, 2021

Carrot Winter Update

Welcome to the new year, Carroteers!

It’s finally 2021, and we have an exciting roundup of updates from the Carrot team. Check out what we’ve been hard at work on this winter:

Revamped our Help Center Guide with our all-new strategy playbook:

Whether you’re just getting started with Carrot or are a long-time member, it’s important to stay ahead of industry trends, while keeping your site design and content fresh and up-to-date. From navigating all of our site creation and editing tools to learning how to implement an evergreen marketing strategy, and everything in between, our revamped Guide and Strategy Playbook is here to set you up for success! Check it out →

Released new {and some improved} features!

  • All-new, easier-to-use VideoPost: Submit videos for transcription without publishing or refreshing, auto-populate titles from your video, and stay updated throughout the transcription process. Check out our VideoPost tutorial → 
  • NEW Investor / Agent Hybrid Site Template: Streamline your offerings to serve more seller leads with our brand new Investor/Agent Hybrid Site Template, exclusively available to our Advanced Marketer members! Learn more about it here → 
  • Market Override Phone Settings: Track phone calls per city landing pages with the new phone number option added to the market override settings! This will update the phone number in both the page content area and in the main navigation. Read the tutorial → 
  • Custom Display Name: Add a custom name for the Author Nickname to display when you publish content on your site. Head over to your Profile Settings under the dropdown in the top right corner to change your display name.
  • **Coming Soon** Bulk Lead Management: Select multiple or all leads at once and choose from a variety of bulk edit options, including merging leads or moving to New, Follow Up, Pending, Won, or Dead statuses.
Our All-New Investor / Agent Hybrid Site Template

Visual Editor Improvements:

Over the past few months, we’ve continued to make improvements to the Visual Editor experience: we added more Block Pattern options, previews and descriptions when you hover over Blocks, and a search feature that makes it quick and easy to find the perfect Block or Block Pattern to add to your site.

Our latest addition? We added an all new full-width centered form Block Pattern for easier lead capture on your site or — pro tip! — on your squeeze pages! Check out our tutorial on using Block Patterns when creating landing pages →

Introduced our new Authority Leader plan!

Our newest membership plan offers more premium done-for-you services and strategic guidance from Carrot, including a Virtual Assistant for site updates and reporting, regular design refreshes and full site SEO audits performed by the Carrot team, and 1:1 marketing strategy sessions throughout the year with a Carrot Coach. If you’re interested, schedule a call with our Success team today!


Here's to an awesome 2021!

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

carrot update
October 12, 2020

Carrot Fall Update

Happy Fall, Carroteers!

We're coming to you with a few new updates as we kick off the last quarter of the year. So sit back with your Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy the latest news from your friends at Carrot:

Turning over a new leaf with Quarterly Updates

We know you love hearing from us every month, but we also know that those updates can get lengthy when we try to cram so much information into one message. Moving forward, we're going to start bringing you updates at the end of each quarter with quick highlights of everything we released. Don't worry though — you'll still be hearing from us throughout every quarter whenever we release something cool that we want you to know about immediately!

Upload SVGs to your Carrot sites!

We're pumped to share that now you can upload SVG images to your media library (including your logo!) and use them anywhere.

New Marketplace service: Facebook Ads Quickstart

Our Marketplace is growing! We're excited to add the Facebook Ads Quickstart to our growing list of services. The quickstart is perfect fit for those who want a little extra help from marketing experts to set up their Facebook Ads account, but want to manage their marketing on their own. This is the jumpstart you need to realize the full potential of Facebook Ads marketing in your ongoing lead generation efforts.

Head over to the marketplace to check it out →

Landing Pages Tune Up

Looking to generate more leads? We ran an audit of our existing Landing Pages and tuned them up with some improved images, content and fixes. Check out our Help Center for tips on how to set these up and look forward to some all-new Landing Pages in an upcoming release!

We're making way to roll out some awesome things to round out the year and build momentum for 2021, so stay tuned for more exciting updates from Carrot!

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

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