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September 24, 2021

Carrot Site Speed Improvements (Core Web Vitals)

Hello Carroteers!

As you may know, Google's much-anticipated Core Web Vitals update has officially been launched and site speed metrics play a role in rankings as of the end of August.

What You Need To Know

Google began introducing Core Web Vitals - a set of site speed metrics - into their mobile search ranking mix back in June. CWV measure how quickly a page loads, how quickly it becomes interactive, and how stable it is while loading. Get the full scoop here →

What We Did: We Made Carrot Sites 50% Faster

Over the last few months, our team has been working to audit, identify, and optimize several facets of our sites and network with Core Web Vitals and site speed in mind. Through the use of a new, robust tracking system, we’ve been able to highlight key areas that impact every single site on our network.

Through the work of our Engineering Team, we have not only increased Mobile Performance Scores for Carrot sites by anywhere from 25 to 50%, we've also grown our edge over the competition - with Carrot sites now scoring as much as 69.8% faster than custom WordPress sites on Mobile. See how we did it →

The Dos and Don'ts Of Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals subject is a tricky, complex one - we get it. While our Engineering team will be able to handle most optimizations and improvements that will make your site faster and comply with Google's update, there are several things you can be doing on your end to stay ahead of the game. These range from general understanding of how to test/diagnose your site to how much you should focus on site speed versus quality, informative content. We cover all of that in our Core Web Vitals Dos and Don'ts Guide →

We're ecstatic to bring you these updates as we close out some great work over the past few quarters. We are actively working on our plans for the upcoming quarter, so stay tuned for more awesome Carrot news!

Carrotly yours,

Cam from the Carrot Product Team

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