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June 01, 2020

Carrot May Updates

Happy June, Carroteers!

We just wrapped up another busy month around here, so before you jump into summer, we wanted to round up all the awesome Carrot updates we made in May!

Visual Editor

By now, you’ve probably already read several updates and announcements about our Visual Editor tool. We’re excited to share that, as we closed out the month of May, the Visual Editor is now available to all Carrot members.

We also made the Visual Editor experience even better by adding it to location pages and rolling out our first set of Block Patterns. Block Patterns are pre-built content blocks that you can easily drag, drop, and edit to customize your page.

Our first set of Block Patterns includes:

  • Editorial
  • Three Steps
  • Image and Text with Button
  • Info and Form
  • Side by Side Testimonials
  • Two Buttons
  • Cards in Columns
  • And more to come!

Check them out by clicking the Block Patterns button while in the Visual Editor.

SSL Certificates have been added to all Carrot sites

We added SSL certificates to all remaining member sites that were not secured by HTTPS. HTTPS sites rank better in Google search and provide a better experience for your visitors, making your pages more credible and convert higher. The best part? Every site includes a free SSL cert! Normally this would cost you upwards of $50 per year.

Other updates and fixes

  • Lead notifications now all link to the Lead Manager
  • On-going Visual Editor fixes, including link colors showing up while editing, button blocks function & styling updates/fixes, and general stability
  • Property listing statuses now update across all pages

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

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