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October 12, 2020

Carrot Fall Update

Happy Fall, Carroteers!

We're coming to you with a few new updates as we kick off the last quarter of the year. So sit back with your Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy the latest news from your friends at Carrot:

Turning over a new leaf with Quarterly Updates

We know you love hearing from us every month, but we also know that those updates can get lengthy when we try to cram so much information into one message. Moving forward, we're going to start bringing you updates at the end of each quarter with quick highlights of everything we released. Don't worry though — you'll still be hearing from us throughout every quarter whenever we release something cool that we want you to know about immediately!

Upload SVGs to your Carrot sites!

We're pumped to share that now you can upload SVG images to your media library (including your logo!) and use them anywhere.

New Marketplace service: Facebook Ads Quickstart

Our Marketplace is growing! We're excited to add the Facebook Ads Quickstart to our growing list of services. The quickstart is perfect fit for those who want a little extra help from marketing experts to set up their Facebook Ads account, but want to manage their marketing on their own. This is the jumpstart you need to realize the full potential of Facebook Ads marketing in your ongoing lead generation efforts.

Head over to the marketplace to check it out →

Landing Pages Tune Up

Looking to generate more leads? We ran an audit of our existing Landing Pages and tuned them up with some improved images, content and fixes. Check out our Help Center for tips on how to set these up and look forward to some all-new Landing Pages in an upcoming release!

We're making way to roll out some awesome things to round out the year and build momentum for 2021, so stay tuned for more exciting updates from Carrot!

Carrotly yours,

Laynie from the Carrot Product Team

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